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Private protection basic training takes 5 days (40 hours of training), gives the most essential information to participants.


Being a soldier or a police or a active security guard makes it easier to advance your skills and the way you responses in danger.


Content of  the Training :

-Tasks, skills and the history of body guarding.

-Protection duty as a service.

-The structure of private protection and distribution of tasks.

-The threat analysis and the security precautions.

-The companion guarding techniques and precautions about  intelligence.

-Legal issues.

-Terrorism and assassinations.

-Standard operating procedures (SOPs) / immediate action drills (   (IADs)

-Protection and advanced driving techniques.

-Communication and anti-communication techniques.

-Extraordinary explosives and precautions.

-Protection of object and ware.


-Quality criteria for private guards.

-Equipment information.

-Survival precautions. (first aid activity)

-Armed and unarmed close combat and combat fitness techniques.

Personal education and advanced education advices.